It is with great pleasure that we provide our guests with the opportunity to participate in excursions to the protected and historical places of Rishikesh. You will visit with interest the oldest ashrams of the city (Parmarth Niketan, Svargashram, Maharishi Ashram), temples and ancient buildings, waterfalls located in the Rishikesh region. You will enjoy the singing of sacred mantras on the banks of the Ganges, and you can independently observe the traditional colorful fire ceremonies at sunset.

Only a few kilometers from Rishikesh, there are famous places described in ancient Vedic scriptures: Yoga Vasishtha Cave, Nila Kanth, Kunja Puri Temple. Breathtaking views from the two legendary Ganges bridges – Ramjul and Lakshmanjula, named after two famous characters of the Indian epic – Rama and his brother Lakshman, who, according to legend, lived in this place, will not leave anyone indifferent. To order an excursion, refer to the management of the Center, and we will arrange for you a comfortable visit to these unique places.

Near center there are  several ancient  temples and other  places worthy to visit  Management of center will  help you to visit famous place:

  • Neel  Kant temple
  • Kunja puri Waterfall 
  • Vashistha gufsa 
  • Maharishi ashram etc. 

Special Tours (3 to 5 Day)

Tour to Agra
Agra – one of the largest tourist centers of India, is famous for the most beautiful majestic buildings of the Mughal era, such as the Taj Mahal. Agra is located on the banks of the Yamuna River
Tour to Varanasi
It is considered a holy city for Buddhists and Jains, the holiest place in the world (as the center of the Earth, from the point of view of the Hindu religion. One of the oldest cities in the world and, possibly, the oldest in India. According to legend, the city was founded by the god Shiva about 5000 years ago.
Tour to Badrinath
Badrinath is a sacred Hindu city. It has been mentioned in scriptures and legends for thousands of years. The most important of the four cities on a pilgrimage along the route of Char-dham (Skt. “Four cloisters”). According to legend, it was here that the Vedas were written and many Puranas were composed.