Ayurveda for women

Intensive course with certificates ifikatsiey

Female Aspects of Ayurveda
15 days (100 training hours)

We invite you to a specialized Ayurveda course for women at the Center for Avyuk Ayurveda (Rishikesh).

As females are the backbone of the family so it is needed to take care of themselves. As we all know Ayurveda explains how to maintain life healthy and more comfortable for ourselves and near ones so in this 15 days time table. We will explain you Basics of ayurveda such as

In the course program:

  • Concept of Tridosha.
  • Concept of Panchmahabhoota.
  • Concept of Origin of Ayuveda.
  • Daily regimen.
  • Seasonal regimen.
  • Anatomy & Physiology of females.
  • Concept of Agni.
  • Importance of food with 2 preparations.
  • Sleep.
  • Care in pregnancy and menstruation cycle.
  • Care of neonatal baby.
  • Beauty care.


The course contains the theory and practice of special pranayama and yoga techniques.

The duration of the course  is 15 days (100 academic hours).

At the end of the course, an official certificate is issued, 

The program is approved by the Dehradun Ayurveda College, which is supervised by the State University of Ayurveda Uttarakhand.

Course price:  $999 USD(single occupancy)

The course price includes  accommodation and meals.