Yoga Course

Women’s Yoga – Course in Rishikesh

“Awakening the true nature of women”
( for all levels )

Course start

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This course is designed specifically for women to provide a deeper  understanding of the physiology of women in Yoga practice and to explain how Yoga,  Pranayama, Ayurveda, proper diet, daily routines, natural  medicines and regular body cleansing can help  cure or prevent the appearance of various female imbalances,  making the woman more Happy and Awakened.
In a harmonious healthy body – The True Nature of a woman is naturally  revealed, manifesting in creativity, beauty and love.

Unique ancient knowledge of Yoga, Ayurveda and Kundalini will be presented 
to the team of professional Doctors and University teachers,  Well-known in India and abroad for its in-depth knowledge:

Dr. Swati Sharma – Bachelor of Ayurvedic Medicine and Surgery.

Sivananda Sharma is a talented musician and born teacher.

In this course you will learn:
  • Asan complexes for daily practice;
  • Special Asan complexes for various disorders;
  • The main yogic Pranayama: Bhastrika, Kapalabhati, Ujai, Anuloma-Viloma and others;
Attend several unique workshops and lectures:
  • Conscious breathing - 6 hour seminar on Pranayama led by Dr. Vinod Koshik, including the study of specific asanas, breathing techniques and relaxing meditations: “Revitalizing Lunar Energies in a Woman's Body - A Scientific Approach to practice of pranayama.
  • Yoga - Therapy for Women - 2 workshops led by Dr. Lakshmi
  • Narayan Joshi and Dr. Arpita Negi. A master class from our Chef “Ayurvedic cuisine in everyday life”,we will understand the main spices, combinations, methods of their use and prepare a delicious Ayurvedic lunch for all participants in the course
  • Lectures on Ayurveda: “Basic knowledge of Ayurveda”, “Diet and daily routine”, “Purification of the Organism” and other topics upon request of the participant
  • Singing and music lessons led by Sivananda Sharma “The influence of sound on the harmonization of female Energy and Awakening of its True Nature”
  • Workshop “Classical Indian dance”, 2-day workshop from the beautiful Albina Matushkina
Classical Indian dance
Classical Indian dance
You will have a unique opportunity to pass
  • Pulse diagnostics from our outstanding Vaidya Dr. Manish Gairola (individual consultation for each)
  • Ayurvedic massage or other procedures recommended by the Doctor to get this “Taste of Ayurveda” (1-2 hours individually for each, you can extend the course of procedures - paid separately)
  • Attend a Traditional Indian Ceremony (Puja, Yagya, Ganga Arti) Visit the Ancient Cave of Rishi Vasishtha on the banks of the mountain river Ganges
  • Visit a concert of classical Indian music, and take a walk to the famous suspension bridges in Rishikesh, go boating and buy souvenirs and gifts for relatives and friends

In addition to deep knowledge, we offer

Comfortable accommodation for our students in single and double rooms (included)
High quality vegetarian satvic food (3 meals a day included)

* Panchakarma procedures – complete cleansing of the body (not included in the course price, you can stay after the course is completed or come in advance to undergo treatment).

The Ayurvedic Training Center is located in northern India – in the foothills of the Himalayas, in a quiet part of Rishikesh, just a few minutes walk from the clean banks of the Ganges mountain river. You can get from Delhi by plane to Dehradun (the airport is 30 minutes from Rishkesh), by train to Haridwar (40 minutes to Rishikesh) or by taxi, you will be met at the airport and taken to the place (in 5-6  hours). We can arrange a suitable transport for you upon request. Transfer is not included in the course price.

Course cost:
$ 820 (single room)
$ 760 (double room / per person)