About Panchakarma

About Panchakarma

Panchakarma is the oldest detoxification system that has been successfully used for over 3,000 years in Ayurveda. 

Panchakarma is a fine deep cleansing system that strengthens the immune system and gives new vitality.

According to Ayurveda, our body consists of 7 levels of tissues , sequentially distributing the received nutrient substances from one to another:

Rasa (lymph), Rakta (blood), Mamsa (muscle tissue), meda(fat tissue), Asti (bone tissue), Maja (bone marrow) and the deepest is Sukra (reproductive issue). From our very birth, these tissues have been functioning normally and in coordination with each other.

But over time, due to stress, genetics, lifestyle errors, malnutrition, the balance of these tissues is disturbed, which leads to the immediate deposition of toxins in weak places, such as bones, muscles, and nervous tissue. Energy is blocked. A person begins to feel weak, listless, intellectual and physical abilities decrease, diseases arise in the tissues.

Panchkarma works with deep cleansing of the body to the most subtle level (Shukra), and unlike standard treatment systems, it deduces the original cause – the root of the disease . 

This program eliminates stress and toxins at deep levels, naturally eliminating unnecessary substances. When the body is freed from everything that prevents it, the person experiences a surge of strength, new resources appear, the disease itself and its premises disappear.

At the Avyukta Ayurveda Center, Panchakarma includes a set of  effective  measures – natural wellness programs, which include: several types of massage, herbal steaming, internal oiling, drinking broths, oiling the eye, ear and nasal canals, etc. All these measures are prescribed using pulse diagnostics by an experienced doctor at a personal consultation in our Center. 

The complex is held from 10 to 21 daysPanchakarma consists of 3 stages:

1) Preparation
2) Cleansing
3) Rejuvenation

At each stage, the process is monitored and conducted by an experienced Ayurvedic doctor.

Panchakarma is a new health, new strength, your natural potential.


Our service has a high customer focus, and the total cost of Panchakarma is from $ 90 to $ 110 per day, according to your requests and needs.

The final cost of Panchakarma can be determined in consultation with our doctor, based on the program recommended individually for you.

We provide seasonal and family discounts, as well as for long courses (from 21 days).

Check with our managers for details

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Panchakarma Avyukta Ayurveda

Panchakarma “Basic cleansing” -10 days.

Panchakarma “New Resources” – 15 days.

Panchakarma ” Deep Renewal” – 21 days.

If necessary, you can select a different duration of the course, in agreement with the doctor

Special programs

Weight Harmonization Program 

Source of Power Program 

The program “Natural Beauty”

The program “Way to oneself”

Stress Relief Program

Five Steps to Rejuvenation Program