Mool Panchkarma

Mool Panchkarma

‘Mool’ means basic or fundamental, and ‘panchakarma’ means the five processes or methods, by which the elimination of the body’s toxins takes place.

Why do you need to practice mool panchakarma?

Due to modernization, we are neglecting our health, causing our body to cultivate misery, which was sown by none other than us. Our choice of acquiring unhealthy lifestyles, poor exercise, bad eating habits, and exposure to polluted air, water promotes conditions that disturb metabolic activity, digestive processes, hormonal imbalances in our bodies, and a variety of issues.

Such clutter of body systems accumulates, to some extent, unfriendly substances or toxins in our body. Whose withdrawal is necessary.

Mool Panchkarma

This  Package  is good for  those who want  to know the taste  of pancha karma yoga  and meditation  

it  is recommended  for 7 – 14 days or  shorter , with 2 hours  treatments daily . This package  offers relaxation and mild cleansing  phase of pancha karma . Treatments will  be given using herbal base oil, herbal steam medicines  and therapeutic procedures like abhyanga shirodhara tarpanas  etc. Details are decided on consultation with doctors of the  center .

Package Cost

Duration Cost
7 to 14 Days $85 USD/Day

Note: All Packages Include food, and room, consultation with doctors, treatments of Panchkarma, morning Yoga and Medicines taken during the period of stay for Panchkarma. Additional Services like Wi-FI and Laundry are also included in price. Transfer from/to airport and excursions are not included in the price of packages. All packages are customized according to the client’s constitution and health conditions.