Rasayana Therapy


‘Rasayana therapy’ is one of the practices or branches of classical Ayurveda. The science in which the health of an individual is vitalizes with the help of natural drugs as part of therapy. Rasayana therapy enriches the ‘rasa’ (life fluid or blood) with a variety of nutrients, which improves the expectancy of life.

In Ayurvedic medicines, ‘Samshodhana’ or the detoxification of the body is taken as the preparatory procedure before the one undergoes ‘Rasayana therapy’ to achieve rejuvenation.

Application of Rasayana therapy improves the luster of the skin, intelligence, promotes antiaging, the functioning of the internal organs, endocrine glands, and reproductive organs. It boosts up the immunity of an individual and makes it more resistant to any disease.

Following are some of the Rasayanas:

Medicinal herbs – Emblica Officinalis, Withania somnifera, Ocimum sanctum, etc

Ayurvedic products –  Chyawanprash, Brahma Rasayana.

Rasayana Theraphy

RASAYANA THERAPHY more intensive detoxification healing and rejuvenation it is recommended for 15 – 21 days and longer with 2 hours treatments daily and option for additional treatments
This package offers deep relaxation intensive cleansing phase of pancha karma healing and rejuvenation on very deep level .

Treatments will be given using herbal base oil herbal steam medicines and therapeutic procedures like basti nasya virechana , abyanga shirodara tarpanas elakizhi baspa swedana rasayanam kashayam and personalised yoga meditations sessions . Details are decided on consultation with doctors of the center .

Package Cost

Duration Cost
15 to 21 Days $120 USD/Day

Note: All Packages Include food, and room, consultation with doctors, treatments of Panchkarma, morning Yoga and Medicines taken during the period of stay for Panchkarma. Additional Services like Wi-FI and Laundry are also included in price. Transfer from/to airport and excursions are not included in the price of packages. All packages are customized according to the client’s constitution and health conditions.