Ritu Panchkarma


‘Ritu’ means a season, and ‘charya’ means a particular regime or a set of instructions, which should be taken before or while performing the specific panchakarma practice.

Why are we emphasizing our focus on the seasonal practice of panchakarma?

Seasons have specific effects on homeostasis, enzymatic activity, and the hormonal balance of our body. In Ayurveda, the whole year is divided into two ‘Kaal’ (period) –

  1. Aadaan kaal (uttarayan)
  2. Viserga kaal (dakshinayan)

In aadan Kaal, when sun & wind are strong, we become weak and earth becomes hot and dry. In visarga Kaal, the moon becomes powerful, we get our strength back and earth regains its cool state through rain and cool breeze. 


These two kaal have a significant effect on our doshas, Vata, pitta, and Kapha. Vata builds up during summer, infuriates in the rainy season to disturb the digestion. Pitta builds up during the rainy season, infuriates due to indigestion. Kapha builds up during the cold season, infuriate and liquefy on the onset of the warm season.

So, it is necessary to perform certain panchakarma practices by keeping seasons in mind. Because of the broad range of effects on our various parts, liquids, and systems of the body.

Ritu Panchakrma

Ritu Panchkarma (Seasonal Detox) Package is useful for who want to take more intensive seasonal detoxification
it is recommended for 14 – 21days and longer with 2 hours treatments daily
This package offers relaxation and more intensive cleansing phase of pancha karma Treatments will be given using herbal base oil herbal steam medicines and therapeutic procedures like virechana basti nasya abyanga shirodara tarpanas potli etc. Details are decided on consultation with doctors of the center .

Package Cost

Duration Cost
14 to 21 Days $90 USD/Day

Note: All Packages Include food, and room, consultation with doctors, treatments of Panchkarma, morning Yoga and Medicines taken during the period of stay for Panchkarma. Additional Services like Wi-FI and Laundry are also included in price. Transfer from/to airport and excursions are not included in the price of packages. All packages are customized according to the client’s constitution and health conditions.