Vyadhi Anusara



‘Vyadhi’ means ‘disease’ or ‘ailment’, ‘Anusara’ means ‘according to’ and ‘chikitsa’ means ‘to cure’. It represents the cure or elimination according to the particular disease. Here panchakarma deals with the stage of the disease, the extent of the damage to tissue, the procedure of application so, the patient gets the exact treatment according to his present physical condition.

Therefore, it is called a deep detox. After the proper examination of the disease. The patient proceeds to the further step of detoxification and rejuvenation.

Vyadhi Anusara

it is recommended for 15 – 21days and longer with 2 hours treatments daily and option for additional treatments
Package is useful for those who want to take more intensive detoxification and healing for specific diseases like obesity, high blood pressure, joint pain , rheumatoid arthritis, osteoporosis ,depression and many other.
This package offers a deep relaxation intensive cleansing phase of pancha karma and healing . Treatments will be given using herbal base oil herbal steam medicines and therapeutic procedures like basti virechana , abhyanga shirodhara nasya tarpanas potli etc. Details are decided on consultation with doctors of the center .

Package Cost

Duration Cost
15 to 21 Days $100 USD/Day

Note: All Packages Include food, and room, consultation with doctors, treatments of Panchkarma, morning Yoga and Medicines taken during the period of stay for Panchkarma. Additional Services like Wi-FI and Laundry are also included in price. Transfer from/to airport and excursions are not included in the price of packages. All packages are customized according to the client’s constitution and health conditions.