Female infertility

Female infertility

Women’s health is the backbone of society. Now a day due to stressful conditions and global warming so many systems getting disturbed causing a disturbance in the endocrine system.


Female vitality program (Stree Rasayan)

This program is specially designed for increasing female organ vitality. Beauty effects of and internals with the help of special abhyanga, pottali, palapa, to increase skin tone etc. an also help you to feel more energy with the help of various asana and pranayama.

The program is lasting from 14 to 21 days for120mins / day.

Serial No.
1 Oil Anointment Therapy
2 Herbal Oil Abhyanga
3 Abhyanga + Swedena
4 Aroma Oil Anointment
5 Deep Tissu Massage
6 Aroma Body Scurb
7 Herbal Body Scurb
8 Body Wrapping
9 Annalepanam
10 Ekanga Abhyanga
11 Head Wrapping(Talapotichil)
12 Takradhara
13 Sirodhara
14 Herbal Face Mask
15 Mukhalepam(Fruits)
16 Mukhalepam(Herbs)
17 C.P.S(Herbal Powder Bundle)
18 P.P.S (If Leaves Available)
19 S.S.P.S (Rice Bundle Therapy)
20 Akshit Arpan(Per Ssession)